Kathmandu – First impressions


Helsinki – Delhi – Kathmandu.

Landing in Delhi, a mad rush to Air India transfer desk to make the connection to Kathmandu. I am only carrying hand luggage, a bag and a helmet.

Multiple entry Visa for India, on-line visa application filled and printed for Nepal. Passport copies and photos at hand… I come well prepared.

Except for a printed copy of my boarding pass from the earlier Finnair flight to Delhi! Another half an hour checking if I really came on the Finnair flight. Nothing helps even though I have the mobile boarding pass, it does not seem to prove anything! We need a print!

But now I am in Kathmandu. Nepal visa on arrival is really quick and easy once you have done the application on-line. Only a little wrench was thrown at my travel, which security in Delhi kindly removed from me. A 10 mm wrench was not allowed in hand luggage, because it is a TOOL!

Kathmandu is truly a chaotic place and the earthquake has presumably made the city even more chaotic. The roads are being rebuild as are the buildings, if possible. People are very friendly and really helpful. Just goes to show that people survive.

Water is provided for an hour or less every second day and electricity is cut off daily for up  to 18 hours a day (called load shedding). But people are prepared with alternative water and electricity sources.

Queues for fuel are still long due to Indian embargo and the cost of riding a taxi has rocketed. Yet the streets are full of cars and motorbikes. The traffic is simply mad.