The Konglor Cave

The Longest Underground River in Asia

One of the Laos tourist highlights is the longest underground river in Asia, the 7.5 km long Konglor Cave,  where the Hinboun river flows through the karst mountains.

The cave is in places 100 meters wide and 100 meters high! The river flows through the mountain up to 30 meters wide.

At low water, the river is very shallow and boat will need to be pushed / towed over the sand and pebbles. For you as a tourist, this is not a problem and all the hard work is done by the boatmen who take you through the cave.

There is however, a section where you can walk and explore the cave on a marked trail using your headlamp and making use of some of the decorative / dramatic lighting in the cave.

The men running the boats also take your bike to the cave and load it onto the boat. Have a look at the video!!

The boats and services are run by The Ecotourism Association Konglor-Natane (AEKN).