Belarus Expedition 2018

Coming up! 

Belarus –  A Gem Waiting for Discovery!

I have visited Minsk several times on a motorbike and every time it has been just phenomenal. Minsk is a very modern city with friendly people, excellent food and great nightlife. 

Coming July 2018, it is time to look a bit further afield. Riding with a small group of friends from HOG Capital Chapter Finland, we will be holding Minsk as our base and exploring the countryside and the sights we have missed during our earlier visits. Hopefully we will meet some of our local HOG-friends to give us a steer as well! 

Earlier rides have taken us from Vilnius, Lithuania to Minsk and that is the plan is also now. Road surface is good on both sides of the border. The ride from Vilnius to Kamenny Log border crossing is only some 35 km and from Kamenny Log to Minsk, some 150km, total distance 185km.

Formalities at the border take some time and there is a set procedure to follow. Officials have always been friendly and guided us if there were questions. Formalities run according to their set plan. No ifs, ands or buts!

Border may be busy – Just pass the trucks

The documentation one needs include passport with visa, green card for the bike and health insurance for the rider. Additionally you can download a Passenger Customs Declaration and fill it before leaving for the border. You will be given one at the border, but easier to do in advance. The document is the same for both Belarus and Russian borders.  

At the border you will also be given a Migration Card to fill in and you MUST keep the other half with you for your return journey. This is not downloadable, presumably because it has running numbering.

I got my visa from the Belarus Embassy in Helsinki. Easily done and they must have the friendliest staff of any Visa consulate I have visited. This is also the cheapest way – you really do not need to pay any middleman. This applies to coming on land and there is a visa free scheme if you come by plane.

NOTE! As a tourist without an invitation to visit the country, you will need a stamped booking confirmation from your hotel for obtaining a visa. Confirmation from, etc. will NOT do. Just email the hotel and they will promptly email you a scanned document. 

I am already really excited about the ride and another blog will follow.

By the way… The bike pictured in the main image at the start of this post belongs to president Alexander Lucashenko – Black Ultra with red flames!

Unique license plate

Reminiscing one of our earlier visits: