Water Features on Ho Chi Minh Trail

Road carved away

Video compilation from Ho Chi Minh Trail Water crossings

Bound to get your boots full

Our ride in November took place after the rainy season and roads and paths had deep meandering grooves carved by the water to make the ride more interesting.

Road washed away

In some occasions the road was completely washed away and just big canyons were left, making crossing even more interesting.

There used to be a bridge

The power of water is incredible and even large concrete bridges were washed away and only pillars were left standing askew. The only bridges that were left almost unscathed were the concrete slabs on the bottom of the river, so called bottom bridges. They are designed to allow the water to flow over them, making the bottom more even and safer to ride. Still some of those were moved by the force of the water.

Great bamboo bridge

In the beginning of the dry season, many villages build temporary bridges across streams. The most spectacular are the bamboo bridges, some of which can be more than a hundred meters long.  Villages make income by charging a fee from anyone using the bridge.

Also different kind of boats are used to take people and scooters across.

Youngster with a boat looking for customers
Help is always at hand

Even bigger vehicles can be transported when two or three long boats are held together and a platform is installed for ferrying larger vehicles.

Larger ferry across the river

Still there are places where no bridge or boat exist and one just has to ride in the water to cross the stream.  As we were exploring the old Ho Chi Minh trail, getting boots full was inevitable.

Crossing the river on the slabs of stones