Finland – the safest country in the world for travellers

Ride Safe! Just got a new meaning

Perhaps NOW is the time to plan for your trip to Finland. World Economic Forum has carried out an in-depth analysis of the Travel and Tourism competitiveness of 136 economies across the world. The study found Finland the safest country in the world for travellers.

Some links to the survey WEF, Download FULL REPORT as pdf, Lonely PlanetVogue 

How about motorcycling?

OK, it is safe in Finland. But how about motorcycling? Any good? If you like winding country roads through small villages, lakes and fields, Finland is for you. Plenty of places to stay in small towns and country side. If you prefer accommodation in a Tent at a camping ground, B&B, hostel, hotel, it is all there and easy to find and usually of very high standard. 

Sareston tie 2016-08-11 kello 10.08.52
Lapland dirt road – still good for a touring Harley. This leads to Särestö art museum. Roads are generally paved though.

On the road traffic is very organized and relatively easy paced. Finland has a strict policy on alcohol and riding with the limit set to 0,5 pro mille and is also strictly enforced.

People and Events

People are welcoming and happy to enjoy a drink or two with you, Not just alone in their underwear, called Kalsarikännit (Please google yourself!)

In the summer in particular, the country is littered with events and festivals of all sort – from wife carrying and mobile phone throwing to swamp football to wine festivals, rock festivals, jazz festivals, etc across the country. 

Näyttökuva 2017-04-21 kello 10.59.32
Air Guitar World Championships are held in Oulu, half way up the country.

Imatran ajot

Icing on the cake for any motoring enthusiastic will of course be Imatran ajot, The International Road Racing Championship event in early July.  A fantastic reason to ride to Finland.

Heading North?

If you have your mind set for Lapland and even the North Cape in Norway, consider riding through Finland, enjoy the hospitality and changing scenery on the way up. Visit also the northernmost place in the EU before heading to Norway. You will find my comments about the ride north in my other posts and videos- route to Lofoten for one.

Poro tiella 1
On the way north, you WILL see reindeer

Speeding Fines are Simply Criminal!

Generally laws on speeding are absolutely criminal! Finland is well known for some extremely high fines – Home of the USD 103.000 speeding fine! One way to keep your peace of mind is to keep on the nice bendy roads and stay away from the speed traps on many main arteries.  Another thing is that the speed trap cameras take your picture from the front and you may just get away with it! 

If you want to learn more, check the Police site or if you are interested in European practices in general

Remember the Friendly Wave!

Arriving in Finland, you will soon notice that virtually every motorcyclist gives you the friendly wave on the road. This is to acknowledge the comradery bikers feel from our shared interest and hobby. Let’s keep it up!

Naantali Old town / Harbour Photo: Alamy
Naantali Old town / Harbour Photo: Alamy

Resources for your planning

I am sure that you will enjoy your memorable ride and to help you make it a reality, I have posted below some resources to get your planning started.

Interactive map for route planning for just about anywhere:

Another interactive:

Blog article from Motorcyclist online: Epic Rides: Take A Nordic Trek Through Finland. A history of motorsports and verdant summers make Finland a Motorcyclist’s mecca.

There is also a publication ”Motoristin matkailukartasto” by Karttakeskus (Map centre?), which is a route map and a guide for motorists to explore Finland. Unfortunately it is in Finnish but will give a good idea of where to go.

Näyttökuva 2017-04-21 kello 9.50.39