Everything goes to plan if you update your plans often enough.

Queue for fuel

The situation in Nepal has really not improved, although the election of a new PM on Sunday might bring some stability to the country. Indian does not seem too happy with the new constitution and a number of smaller independent provinces in Nepal (China-India politics).

The earthquake stricken country is hit again with unofficial economic sanctions and border blockades. There are some signs that India could eventually be calling off the dogs now that PM Koirala is stepping down (Finns will understand the pun).

Two of the main concerns for the Nepal section of my trip have been getting the bike across from India to Nepal and simply having fuel.

Facing adversity, people are resourceful. While there are bigger issues to deal with just now, my Freespirit Adventure contact in Nepal has made fantastic effort and when the Indian bike could not cross the border, I now have a bike with Nepalese plates waiting for me in Kathmandu with a reasonable amount of fuel. Hats off to Ram!

It may be that the itinerary within Nepal needs to be amended and some of the more western regions will have to wait for my next visit. Although my Iron Butt might take the distance, practicalities may prevail. In any case it is all new to me, so why not make the most of it anyway.

Mindful of the political situation, I am also happy riding with Nepalese plates v. Indian plates in Nepal.