The Beautiful People on Ho Chi Minh Trail, Laos

Family on a bike – 5 up

Meeting the people

Friendly greeting

Many of the villages we visited on the trail were very small and very remote with only a footpath leading to them. Life must be very hard and simple, though people were usually friendly and generally looked happy.

Different villages had their distinct feel about them, which was easily felt. Some were very welcoming and eager to meet and chat, some more reserved, even fearful.

I should think there is a reason behind this. Either past experience or simply a way of keeping safe. Might be religious. After all, it certainly is not an everyday occurrence that two white guys in their motorbike gear turn up from the woods.

Criminal free village

I did not feet threatened at any time. Naturally however, on a few occasion, if we did not feel welcome or it seemed that the people had some reservations meeting us, we continued our way.

Naturally some places are more urban commercial markets and traveling salespeople on their scooters are usual sight on the roads and trails.

Banana load – This is HEAVY!

Regardless of how urban or how remote the village is, modern world is slowly creeping in. Sanitation and schools are a good example.

In the following film, I tried to collect faces from the trail. Nothing I can do makes justice to these people, but I tried to capture the faces on the real Ho Chi Minh Trail.