Arirang – Olympic Games in Pyongyang?


Now that the winter olympic games 2018 are drawing to a close, you may have noticed the beautiful and catchy melody played on the background on TV – The melody is called Arirang. 

This is a traditional Korean melody and also very popular in the North – DPRK. The story behind the melody is  about two lowers, torn apart by an evil landlord – representing North and South Korea! (See video at the end of post)

World’s largest stadium

If Pyongyang were to arrange olympics, one of the venues would certainly be the Rungrado 1st of May Stadium or The May Day Stadium, the BIGGEST STADIUM IN THE WORLD with capacity of some 115.000!


Arirang Festival – Arirang Mass Games

I has the privilege to visit the stadium during the 2012 Arirang Festival / Arirang Mass Games, where over 100.000 gymnasts, dancers and artists performed. (Some claim over 200.000 – try counting!)

The 2012 Mass Games was to be the last of its kind but another performance was organized 2013.

One of the most recognized images of the Arirang Festival is the huge human-pixel-image at the stadium, where 30.000 young pupils from 8 different schools perform as pixels with colored boards making up the images.

VIDEO: Arirang Mass Games 2012