New Zealand – New Year!

Is New Zealand One of the World’s Greatest Motorcycle Rides?

Well, according to Henry Cole it is. And I need to find out. Since I have not been there before – just to make sure – I’d better see it all. Or at least as much as possible on one go. This is promising to be a more sophisticated ride on a proper touring Harley and nice hotels. As a consequence, my wife Riitta has kindly agreed to join me for the ride. And so have Antti and Nina, our riding friends from many earlier road trips. Two bikes, two couples. Flight to Auckland from Helsinki is loooooong! Therefore we have decided to add a full day stop-over in Shanghai. Perhaps it will allow us not just to see a fantastic city but it will also make sure we are tired enough to sleep on the flight to Auckland. When day and night switch places, it may be a struggle and we really would want to start our tour of NZ on the high. The New Year? After Coromandel loop we will be heading towards Rotorua for the New Year. Haka-dancing, fireworks and natural hot springs. That will finalize our acclimating to this new part of the globe! Our tour is organised with Bularangi Motorbikes in New Zealand. There is also another blog of our trip! Antti’s blog can be found here!

Tour Itinerary – North Island

North island route  

South Island

South island route