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What is Someday, the elusive day we keep putting good things off to? Stories mainly involving a motorcycle and travel.

What is Someday?

St Petersburg Harley Days We all know that elusive day. The day not found in any calendar but to which you keep postponing good things off to. It is the day you dream about for things that you know make a difference. For too many, Someday is a day which perhaps never comes. Perhaps it never comes to you either, unless you make that day. That elusive Someday. For me, traveling on a motorbike was something I always wanted to do, someday.

I am a “born again biker”, who started on a small bike, got into the daily grind and biking was just not an option just then. But someday, I thought.

I got back on the saddle of a new Harley sportster in England at the turn of the millennium, February 2000 just days before my 40th birthday. Since then I have ridden and owned several bikes and seen some incredible places, near and far. Places I never thought I would, or indeed could, visit. For me, biking is an individual sacred moment, perhaps a bonding experience and often a social event. Once I got my bike, I joined our local Harley Owners Group, aka HOG. HOG is a really friendly group of professional people from different walks of life. It is also the largest motorbike association in the world with some 1,5 million members internationally.

After touring in the UK, my first (of many) HOG rally was in Venice, Italy 2002. That tour took us first to The Circuit de Catalunya for F1 in Barcelona. Great tour through Cote d’Azur and northern Italy. Biking is also a family pastime for me. HOG in particular can be very family oriented and riding with family members is really fun and rewarding.

My wife is usually on the pillion. The pic above is from a St Petersburg rally in Russia. When my two boys turned 16, I took each of them with me for a tour of Europe on the pillion. First to Germany for a beer – legal drinking age in Germany is 16 years vs. my native Finland 18 years. Then across the continent to the alps and beyond. It is always memorable to be stuck in snow at Grossglockner in July or to enjoy the jazz festival in Lugano after a good day’s ride. And all the mountain passes, do not get me started…

Well, I did get started and I will write some more notes. I will also post some videos once I get around to editing them… For the purpose of this blog, in most cases the someday tends to involve traveling on a motorbike, as one might by now guess.


This blog is an attempt to write a journal or at least some notes about some of my biking and bike travel. The purpose is to keep my friends posted during my travel and to encourage everyone to make their biking someday a reality. Don’t be offended, I do this for fun. So can you (someday). Cape of Good Hope